California Wildfires

By Ian Teñido Wildfires are a common phenomenon and science considers it natural. Natural in the sense that, it provides the wild an opportunity to renew and rejuvenate itself by burning the old and growing the new. Wildfires date back to as far as we can remember. For people of California and southern areas, this... Continue Reading →

Environmental Ethics and Human Relationship

By Ian Teñido There are probably several hundreds of concepts that have taken a center stage in the environmental movement. Environmental ethics is, without any doubt, one among the most talked about. In order to understand the concept of environmental ethics, I will dissect this phrase into the environment and ethics. First of all, the... Continue Reading →

Article Summary EID

Title: Eco Industrial Development: As a Way of Enhancing Sustainable Development Summary Prepared for: The National Registry of Environmental Professionals® Prepared by: Ian Brian Teñido, REP Bibliographic Information Sertyesilisik, B., & Sertyesilisik, E. (2016). Eco Industrial Development: As a Way of Enhancing Sustainable Development. Journal of Economic Development, Environment and People, 5(1), 6. doi: 10.26458/jedep.v5i1.133. Introduction The rate at which... Continue Reading →

Medical Waste and the Environment

By Ian Teñido In my previous writings on environmental issues, I had never mentioned about medical waste even when it seems to be a huge environmental issue of concern for many countries and regions in the world. Just what is Medical Waste? According to the World Health Organization *, “Medical waste is generated by health... Continue Reading →

Sustainability and Sports

By Ian Teñido More than ever before, the sporting world is growing by leaps and bounds. The sports that had a small fun base and thus drew a small participation are now on the rise thanks to social media advertising and ease of getting information. This does not stop here, the online games have even... Continue Reading →

Tom Steyer Clean Energy Quote

"The truth is that transitioning to clean energy like wind and solar will create millions of new, good jobs that can't be outsourced, and spur economic growth - all while avoiding the inevitable, significant damages our economy will suffer should we keep building more pipelines." - Tom Steyer

Dead Zones

By Ian Teñido The occurrence of such zones is considered natural but scientists have, in the recent years, attributed most dead zones to human activity. While there are many chemical, biological, and physical factors that lead to creation of dead zones, excessive nutrient loading is the primary cause of those zones created by humans. The... Continue Reading →

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