The Great Barrier Coral Reef Bleaching

By Ian Teñido As the climate change dynamics take shape and toll on different physical environments, the ocean is not left behind particularly the coral reefs. Coral Reef Bleaching is predicted to be on the increase and its frequency will become severe if bleaching agents are not controlled. Science shows that sea temperature increases will... Continue Reading →

Dakota Pipeline Protests

By Ian Teñido Talk of the contemporary environmental issues and the Dakota Access Pipeline protests cannot miss in the list. 1,172 mile conduit was slated to ferry crude oil from North Dakota to Southern Illinois once completed. The pipeline construction was approved in July this year; after which outrage sparked and residents mainly by Standing... Continue Reading →

The Menace Caused by Invasive Species in the US

By Ian Teñido Traditionally ignored as inconsequential, Invasive, also known as Alien Species are today a significant threat not only to native habitants of the United States’ ecosystems but also a cost to agricultural production, recreation (tourism) as well as in forestry. Mostly, the invasive species refer to naturalized species or in basic terms “Introduced... Continue Reading →

Global Warming & the United States Politics

By Ian Teñido Global Warming and politics are two inseparable concepts that are even more relevant today than a decade ago. With the proof of the ever increasing global temperatures, the political atmosphere has totally gotten engulfed in the discussions of global warming with an ever increasing tone of wanting to find a solution. Since... Continue Reading →

United States and the Kyoto Protocol

By Ian Teñido Kyoto Protocol is a phrase that has in the last two decades become a cliché on the lips of many but for a good reason. To understand Kyoto Protocol, we need to briefly travel down the memory lane of the environmental movement. Before Kyoto Protocol there are other numerous environmental instruments that... Continue Reading →

Should The US Expand Offshore Oil Drilling?

By Ian Teñido The debate on whether the US should expand its offshore oil drilling has been raging on in the previous successive governments, but without any conclusive resolve as to what should be done exactly. While the debate is fumbled upon by various quotas, the fundamental aspects of the debate have, in the process,... Continue Reading →

Hydraulic Fracking: A Blessing or a Curse?

By Ian Teñido Hydraulic fracking, what is it? It is fair to start with answering this question.  Fracking is just another term for fracturing; the term is coined from the famous “hydraulic fracturing” which simply means that rock and rock formations are fractured to allow for oil and natural gas extraction. The procedure for extraction... Continue Reading →

Lead Poisoning in US Water

By Ian Teñido Lead poisoning has hit the news circles in the recent past with Flint being the latest victim where more than 8000 children from the area were diagnosed with severe lead poisoning. Lead is one of the many heavy metals and its use in the infrastructural developments during the industrial revolution coming all... Continue Reading →

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