Trump & Climate Change Policies

By Ian Teñido Climate change did not only become a key campaign tool for American politicians but is a fact that has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt through science and present evidences. It is no longer a secret or a hoax that ice in the arctic region is melting faster than it did two... Continue Reading →

Pasig River (Philippines) Pollution

By Ian Teñido The Pasig River is the main river in Metro Manila and is approximately 27 km long. The river is important because it provides livelihood, food and transport to its residents. The river suffers from high level of pollution because of the large amount of waste ridiculously being dumped into it. In the... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Living Today

By Ian Teñido Sustainable development is a concept that is roughly two decades old, however its percolation into different circles of life is unprecedented. Its infiltration to the most basic ways of life such as buying materials that are biodegradable are some of the hottest topics that are currently driving environmental innovation. For more than... Continue Reading →

What is Energy Crisis?

By Ian Teñido A common term for debate in environmental sensitive quotas is Energy Crisis in addition to climate change. Today, energy crisis is a concern for every person and country. To put this into a clear perspective, I will break down how energy crisis comes to be. The world’s demand on natural resources has... Continue Reading →

The Great Barrier Coral Reef Bleaching

By Ian Teñido As the climate change dynamics take shape and toll on different physical environments, the ocean is not left behind particularly the coral reefs. Coral Reef Bleaching is predicted to be on the increase and its frequency will become severe if bleaching agents are not controlled. Science shows that sea temperature increases will... Continue Reading →

Dakota Pipeline Protests

By Ian Teñido Talk of the contemporary environmental issues and the Dakota Access Pipeline protests cannot miss in the list. 1,172 mile conduit was slated to ferry crude oil from North Dakota to Southern Illinois once completed. The pipeline construction was approved in July this year; after which outrage sparked and residents mainly by Standing... Continue Reading →

The Menace Caused by Invasive Species in the US

By Ian Teñido Traditionally ignored as inconsequential, Invasive, also known as Alien Species are today a significant threat not only to native habitants of the United States’ ecosystems but also a cost to agricultural production, recreation (tourism) as well as in forestry. Mostly, the invasive species refer to naturalized species or in basic terms “Introduced... Continue Reading →

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