Heatwave Impact on Wildlife

Global Incidents of Wildfires

Water Conservation Poster – Image

Xun Zi Human Nature Quote

The Environmental Implication of Fracking (simplified)

Soil Degradation: A Threat to Future Food Security

Vincent Van Gogh Quote


Global Glacier Meltdown Data – Image

Graphic: Dramatic Glacier Melt – Image

R. Emerson Quote

Urbanization – Image

Urban Sprawl

The Blue Economy


2018 Reflection Summary

Global Energy-Related CO2 Emissions Overview/ Outlook (1980-2019) – Image

U.S. Energy-Related CO2 Emissions Overview/ Outlook (1980-2019) – Image

Pope J. Paul II on Conservation Quote

California Wildfires

Salt Water – Image

Environmental Ethics and Human Relationship

Article Summary EID

Medical Waste & the Environment

Medical Waste Disposal Definitive Guide – Image

US Environmental Impacts – Image

Og Mandino Inspirational Quote

Dr. Suzuki GMO Quote

WOrld’s GMO Crops Statistics by ISAAA – Image

Environmental Impacts of Genetically Engineered Crops

Sustainability & Sports

Tom Steyer Clean Energy Quote

Global Clean Energy Projected Growth for 2011-2021 – Image

Solar/Wind Power & Green, Renewable Energy in Morocco

Dead Zones

Man & Nature Voltaire Quote

Global Warming Temperature Data: NOAA – Image

Predicted Water Shortages: US – Image

Convention on Biological Diversity

Water Scarcity in Cape Town, South Africa

WWF| Water Scarcity – Image

Criss Jami Quote on Human Nature

The Bomb Cyclones


Aldo Leopold Quote

Review: 2017 Blog Summary and Conclusion

Plastics in the Ocean: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Quick Analysis: California Wildfires

Spirit of the North – Image

Native Americans Environmental Protection Quote

Ecosystem Destruction

Citizen Science Project | Conserving Giraffes in Northern Kenya

Irma and Harvey should kill any doubt that climate change is real

Elizabeth Edwards Resilience Quote

Quick Review: Hurricane Irma

Climate Change Amplifies Hurricane Impacts

Quick Analysis: Hurricane Harvey

Resilience in SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Sen. Bernie Sanders Climate Quote

Transboundary Water Resources Management: A Case Study of Africa

Greenhouse Gases – Image

Jill Stein GHGs Quote

Massive Iceberg Breaks-off from Antarctica

Trump’s Withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord

Barack Obama Climate Quote

Trump Climate Change – Image

Trump & Climate Change Policies

Climate is Changing-Image

Rachel Carson -Quote

Pasig River (Philippines) Pollution

Quick Analysis: Methane Levels in Marcellus Shale Region, PA

Trump’s Executive Actions: Keystone XL, Dakota Access Pipeline II

Sustainable Living Today


The State of Flint Water Crisis 1.2

The Environmental Implications of Trump’s Border Wall along Mexico Borderline

What is Energy Crisis?

Should the US Ban the Highly Toxic Insecticide Naled?

Mekong River Basin Dams & 11 More: Hydropower Disaster?

The Great Barrier Coral Reef Bleaching

Dakota Pipeline Protests

The Menace Caused by Invasive Species in the US

The Impact of Deforestation and Habitat Loss on Biodiversity

Environmental Impact of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster

What does Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) Mean for the US?

Optimizing Water Use between Irrigation and the Environment

US Tax Credits & Subsidies in Wind Power Industries

Global Warming & the United States Politics

United States and the Kyoto Protocol

Should The US Expand Offshore Oil Drilling?

Should National Parks be Protected & Preserved by The Federal Government?

Hydraulic Fracking: A Blessing or a Curse?

Lead Poisoning in US Water

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