Trump & Climate Change Policies

By Ian Teñido


Climate change did not only become a key campaign tool for American politicians but is a fact that has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt through science and present evidences. It is no longer a secret or a hoax that ice in the arctic region is melting faster than it did two decades ago; neither is it with the rising levels of oceans across the globe. The recent heat waves that hit Asia and some parts of North Africa are a quick reminder of a future we are inclined to face if no strategies are immediately put in place to curb the runaway climate change. From the Clinton’s presidency, to Bush and Obama, we witnessed heightened campaigns, premised on scientific facts, that climate change will devastate America if not addressed. Not long ago, we experienced a modern time financial break down that nearly crumbled the Wall Street and was strongly related to climate change. Then came Obama, things started working in favor of climate change initiatives including halting of coal mining as well as trading in green projects and a proactive stand in the world in matters of climate change. Now, all these will be a thing of the past if Trump’s stands on climate change initiatives are anything to go by.

The recent signing of an executive order by President Trump at the EPA serves to achieve two fundamental things: to curb the federal government’s spending towards climate regulations and to create jobs for the American people. During the signing ceremony, Trump said “My action today is latest in steps to grow American jobs” he further added that the executive order aims at “ending the theft of prosperity.”  Well… these views are consistent with his campaign pledges which suppressed climate change matters and even termed it as a “hoax.” By pushing for anti-climate change initiatives, the Trump administration aims to increase energy independence and primarily create jobs.

While the above moves by the Trump administration aim at creating the jobs for the American people, it fails to understand that climate change is  a matter of life and death and by reopening the coal production plants then our health will be similar to that of Beijing China where fog literally blocks visibility and breeds respiratory problems. They fail to understand that the huge healthcare problem will be more costly than the benefits we seek in creating the short-term jobs. In doing so, the Administration fails the American people’s promise to contribute to beneficial climate change mitigation at the global scale.


A reprieve for environmentalists, however, comes in the implementation of these orders. Reversing the clean power plans as well as the regulations directed to global warming and climate change is not a walk in the park. There will be a heap of court cases and lobbying which has already started, in part by this blog.

The future of climate change and global warming policies in the US face an unknown predicament as Trump’s administration cast it as a hoax, the best thing that can happen to President Trump is when he can be locked up in a scientific lab and he is shown how climate change has been happening over the years and how the present moments differ from those in the past climate-wise. May be all air conditioning should be done away with-in the White House to ensure that he feels both the heat and cold that everyone else feels. Most importantly, he should be flown to China where smog is a huge problem and he should not be given any protective equipment; maybe when he is chocked he will understand what awaits the future generations with his proactive Anti-Environmentalism.

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