“Barack Obama Climate Quote”

“Part of what’s unique about climate change, though, is the nature of some of the opposition to action.  It’s pretty rare that you’ll encounter somebody who says the problem you’re trying to solve simply doesn’t exist.  When President Kennedy set us on a course for the moon, there were a number of people who made... Continue Reading →

Trump & Climate Change Policies

By Ian Teñido Climate change did not only become a key campaign tool for American politicians but is a fact that has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt through science and present evidences. It is no longer a secret or a hoax that ice in the arctic region is melting faster than it did two... Continue Reading →

Pasig River (Philippines) Pollution

By Ian Teñido The Pasig River is the main river in Metro Manila and is approximately 27 km long. The river is important because it provides livelihood, food and transport to its residents. The river suffers from high level of pollution because of the large amount of waste ridiculously being dumped into it. In the... Continue Reading →

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