Soil Degradation: A Threat to Future Food Security

By Ian Teñido Soil is an essential part of human existence. It is important for providing global food and also plays a significant role in ensuring availability of water, mitigation of climate change and protects biodiversity. It is imperative that everyone takes part in protecting and investing in soil conservation given its importance. Baumhardt (2015)... Continue Reading →


By Ian Teñido A myriad of environmental issues have been addressed in this blog so far; it is overpopulation’s turn this time, why not. The world’s population has been growing and has never stopped. In fact, population growth is exponential! Today the earth hosts more than 7 billion human souls. This number is expected to... Continue Reading →

Urban Sprawl

By Ian Teñido Rural-Urban migration has been happening in all major cities across the world. In some cities, however, the migration is at its highest in the present day. With increased urban population, the problem of urban sprawl becomes inevitable. Urban sprawl is another word for urbanization; however, in urban sprawl, people move from densely... Continue Reading →

The Blue Economy

By Ian Teñido The Blue Economy is another addition to an inundated list of terms and concepts that have come to life as a result of awakened human conscious towards the plight of the environment. According to the World Bank, Blue Economy is "sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods, and jobs... Continue Reading →

2018 Reflection Summary

By Ian Teñido 2018 has seen a tremendous history in environmentalism and this summary is only but a tip of the iceberg. It is not strange to anyone that the worldview on environmental matters especially on climate change has been a subject of change and mutation since its inception. And while the entire world’s focus... Continue Reading →

California Wildfires

By Ian Teñido Wildfires are a common phenomenon and science considers it natural. Natural in the sense that, it provides the wild an opportunity to renew and rejuvenate itself by burning the old and growing the new. Wildfires date back to as far as we can remember. For people of California and southern areas, this... Continue Reading →

Environmental Ethics and Human Relationship

By Ian Teñido There are probably several hundreds of concepts that have taken a center stage in the environmental movement. Environmental ethics is, without any doubt, one among the most talked about. In order to understand the concept of environmental ethics, I will dissect this phrase into the environment and ethics. First of all, the... Continue Reading →

Article Summary EID

Title: Eco Industrial Development: As a Way of Enhancing Sustainable Development Summary Prepared for: The National Registry of Environmental Professionals® Prepared by: Ian Brian Teñido, REP Bibliographic Information Sertyesilisik, B., & Sertyesilisik, E. (2016). Eco Industrial Development: As a Way of Enhancing Sustainable Development. Journal of Economic Development, Environment and People, 5(1), 6. doi: 10.26458/jedep.v5i1.133. Introduction The rate at which... Continue Reading →

Medical Waste and the Environment

By Ian Teñido In my previous writings on environmental issues, I had never mentioned about medical waste even when it seems to be a huge environmental issue of concern for many countries and regions in the world. Just what is Medical Waste? According to the World Health Organization *, “Medical waste is generated by health... Continue Reading →

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